Conference Venue

Federico II Conference Centre, Via Partenope, n. 36, Napoli, IT
located on the Napoli seafront
Sede: Via Partenope 36 - 80121 Napoli
Tel. 081 2535706
Fax: 081 2535729
/ 081 2537395

Offering Four Sessions:
  1. Hemodynamics of the Brain
  2. Quantitative flow and computational fluid modeling
  3. Venous dysfunction and treatment strategies
  4. Endothelial function, glymphatic system and new drug development
Satellite Course:
  • Ultrasound Imaging

Note: The ISNVD conference fee is separate from the satellite course fees. Please see the registration link for details and clarification.

Friday, March 27th

Ultrasound Course /Poster Presentation / Keynote Speaker / Welcome Cocktail Reception

Saturday, March 28th

ISNVD Conference


Evening Gala Dinner

The ISNVD is dedicated to the dissemination and review of new concepts in etiopathogenesis, novel diagnostics and modes of therapeutic treatment in the diseases of the neurovasculature. The society does not endorse specific products, treatment modalities or procedures but encourages the free exchange of information which may lead to peer reviewed research and clinical studies.